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Erectile dysfunction in men is the inability to attain a penile erection in order to engage in sexual activity. There are a number of causes of erectile dysfunction or ED. Some causes are psychological while others are physiological.
This condition affects many middle-aged men along with their partners. ED does occur at an early age as well. Changes in the function of erection are common in men today. Erectile dysfunction can be due to emotional changes in addition to the physical ones. It is possible for erections to take longer after a certain period of time in men’s lives and this may be accompanied by zero ejaculation.


The main problem with ED is the lack of penile erection in a man that wants to engage in sexual intercourse. The cause may be psychogenic if there are normal erections in the early morning hours or when a man is asleep. A man that suffers loss in erection could be a victim of cardiovascular disease. Other sicknesses that can cause ED are hypogonadism and diabetes.

Causes of Erection:

There are different ways in which a man can attain an erection. These include arousal that is derived through thoughts, smell, hearing, touch and sight. The nervous system responds via communication from the brain. This causes blood flow to increase to the penis. The blood vessels respond by relaxing thus allowing more blood to be supplied through the shafts that cause erection.

Erectile Dysfunction Causes:

Erectile dysfunction is categorized as a vascular disease associated with similar diseases and other conditions like coronary artery disease, hypertension and diabetes. ED can also be caused by depression, benign prostatic hyperplasia, endocrinopathies and neurological disorders. Conditions that reduce the function of the endothelium and nerves including smoking, aging and hypercholesterolemia affect how the penis relaxes and contracts. The circulatory changes are caused as a result and it even affects the structure as well. All these conditions and diseases lead to erectile dysfunction. finding free viagra samples is not easy, we recommend to get free viagra samples viagra for sale only at a trusted online pharmacy with good service.

Viagra Free Samples


The most common form of treatment is the phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors also known as PDE-5. These drugs are of three types and produced by three different companies. They are known as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. They are best taken under prescription from the physician and are available in Trial Packs.
Herbal cures and supplements are also used as viable alternatives for some men. Such treatments may take a longer period to enhance the penile erection of men but they are free of toxins.

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